About Kelly's

In 1970, Thomas Kelly Sr. began his career path to
a successful automotive collision repair facility with nothing more than a hammer, a paint gun, and a belt sander

Tom began this journey when he decided (on a long road trip to California with his friend at the age of 22,) that his passion for cars far exceeded any other hobby or interest in his life. Tom began working with local dealerships, transporting vehicles to his parents’ house and working out of a garage in their back yard.

Through much trial and error, Tom became a completely self-taught body tech, paint tech, and business entrepreneur facing many difficult obstacles. On many occasions, he would lose money redoing cars over and over again so that he could be confident he was giving his customers the highest quality work possible. Tom, from the very beginning, has always believed a happy customer to be of the utmost importance.

After an electrical fire burned down the garage, his workspace of two years, Tom Sr. moved his business to a building in Baldwin, Maryland. At the new shop, he had enough work to begin hiring other employees and, therefore, expand the business.

About Kelly's continued

With the extra help, Tom was able to shape his business model, building healthy relationships with other local automotive businesses suppliers, and generate more and more work for the shop.

Because Tom made such an excellent name for his business through years of hard work, Tom was able to move to a larger facility in Cockeysville, Maryland. Here he began working side by side with dealerships in the area, as well as insurance companies, and worked diligently to build positive relationships with each. He expanded Kelly’s Body Shop by putting additional collision facilities in Bel Air and Norrisville.

Tom’s dream was to one day build an attractive, state of the art collision facility that would capture the eye of every passerby. In 1996, Tom Sr. purchased a vacant property in Hunt Valley, Maryland and began a three year venture designing and erecting the beautiful collision facility which currently houses Kelly’s Body Shop. It’s such an attractive building surrounded by a well maintained plot of land, people driving by don’t even realize it’s a collision repair shop!

The family owned and operated business is still steadily growing to this day and since 2005 has been managed and operated by Tom’s two sons, Tom Kelly Jr. and Joseph Kelly. Tom Sr.’s wife of more than thirty years also works at the shop.

By using the best materials on the market, employing top trained technicians, maintaining an attractive state of the art collision facility, and producing quality work with a lifetime guarantee, Kelly’s Body Shop, after forty years, remains a repair facility you can trust.

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